Our primary goal is to increase security through the integration of a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) system to reduce hacking and scamming across the blockchain industry. Secondarily we're working to improve the Zerocoin protocol to increase anonymity and privacy across the GenesisX blockchain.
GenesisX is a completely transparent blockchain. To that end, we produce budget documents on a regular basis which contains financial information about the pre-mine as well as information on funds raised in the pre-sale (BTC funds), and show how funds are being spent to steadily improve the project. You can view an example of a budget document by clicking here.
Masternode governance is a cornerstone of GenesisX. Governance enables the community to be actively engaged with, and vote on, project developments. These community proposals may includes voting on items such as expenditures and where we allocate the funds to increase marketing, exchanges and listing.
Trading has been enabled for GenesisX(XGS) against BTC.@GenesisX_XGS#followback #Airdrop #IFB #JFB#IFBDrive#1DDrive #follow #refollow#followmefollowback#ВзаимныйФолловинг #взаимный #фолловинг. #シンカリオン #1FIRST #1FIRST#Teamfollowback
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