「KINGSCOIN」A POS based cryptocurrency with Masternodes, based on a secure QUARK algorithm - FINEXBOX

At the present time, many cryptocurrencies serve only one purpose: to transact. This is a very narrow-minded approach to the true value of cryptocurrencies. This reduction in the utility of cryptocurrencies is something that KingsCoin aims to solve with our coin, KGS. We want to increase the sociability of cryptocurrency, and thus increase the size of the audience able to use it. Cryptocurrencies should not just be used in the finance industry and they have more utility than just easy transactions. Cryptocurrencies should be an instrument for anyone to use. That's why we've put a business behind our coin to attract people who want a secure, fast, and easy coin for transactions as well as a legitimate investment opportunity. We are happy to present our flagship products: Translation Services, Dubbing Services, and Voice-Over services.
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  1. hi there,
    i have deposited 998 LPC (LightPayCoin) to the deposit address on my account.
    it is not showing up after many confirmations.
    please take a look
    deposit address: M3UcaVNxhU9q9nKNjZ9fvkCA4xWnrgaHkj
    LPC txid: b90d6cd9dc0a5e8a2abdd299367079cef4d0caf101ccca5ab48000d099bb5a6e
    my user id: ID:307316
    looking forward to hearing from you

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